27 March 2011

Primitive Grungy Bunny Bag

I've pretty much been in spring crafting mode lately. And now Easter is on its way too, so it got me thinking about rabbits, naturally. So I decided I needed to craft something bunny-related. And the result is my Primitive Grungy Bunny Bag.

Prim Grungy Bunny Bag

This little bag is made out of a 5x7 muslin drawstring bag. I spritzed the bag first with some of my Glimmer Mist (Coffee Shop color) to give it the grungy effect in a quick and easy way. Then I lightly drew on the features for the bunny's face with pencil. Next I painted the face with regular craft acrylics. Obviously a bunny  needs ears so I cut two ear shapes from another muslin bag, and grungy'd them up too. I created folds in the bottom of each ear shape to give them more dimension. Then I punched a small hole through the folds to be able to insert a craft brad through them. I cut a very small slit in the side of the bunny bag near the top, just under where the draw string opening is. Then I took a craft brad and put it through the holes in the bottom of one ear, and then through the side of the bunny bag near the top where I'd made my slit. The prongs of the brad are on the inside of the bag and they hold the ear in place. Then I just repeated this on the other side for the other ear. And then I just stuffed the bag with some fiberfill and tied it closed.

Now I only put fiberfill into the bag so that I could get a good picture of the bunny face. This is really meant to be a gift bag. You could easily fill a bag like this with little chocolate eggs or Jelly Beans or something and give it as a gift. Or you could just stuff it like I did and use it as decor for your Primitive Easter. Totally up to you. But totally cute either way!

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