18 May 2015

Grungy Taper Sconce

I know I haven't been doing much primitive crafting lately. My heart has been in my painting and that's what I'm doing the most right now. But I did have the urge to make a little something while I was in my studio over the weekend, so I thought I'd share it with you today. It's this Grungy Taper Sconce.

Grungy Prim Taper Sconce

I used a rusty tin scoop as the sconce, then tied on some muslin. I added my grungy primitive candle taper in a mini rusty tin bucket to hold it in the center of the sconce. Then I added some pip berries (a candle ring) around the mini bucket, and I finished it with a little primitive crow pick. I just need to add a hole at the back of the sconce so I can hang it up. :)

31 March 2015

Vintage Girl Kraft ATC

I created this ATC awhile ago but I don't think I ever shared it here. So considering how lax I've been in posting these days I just thought I'd share this now.

Vintage Girl ATC

You know I love Vintage Photos, so when I can use them in an art or craft project, I'm thrilled to. And I love the photo of this lovely young lady. I grungy'd up a Kraft ATC blank and then added the photo and embellishments. There's even some black ribbon woven through the card on each side of the flower. Once I'd finished with that it seemed done to me. :) I don't create that many ATC's anymore. I really should start to do more again.

20 March 2015

Primitive Annie Easter Hang Tags

Sorry I haven't blogged much in awhile. I just really haven't been doing much crafting these days. I am mostly painting in my studio; that's just where my heart has been and I tend to follow my heart when I'm in the studio. But I wanted to create something for you with Easter coming up--a Primitive Freebie. So I created a sheet of Primitive Easter hangtags for you, with my own handpainted Primitive Annie on them. 

Primitive Annie Hangtags
I did add a little prim bunny to my handpainted Annie--that is a prim graphic. But the Annie was painted by me with watercolors. I just thought she needed a little bunny on her Easter dress. :)

If you click on the image above that will take you to my DropBox account for the full-sized PDF download. Please remember that my artwork and/or hangtags are copyrighted by me. You do NOT have permission to sell these tags or the artwork on them, nor to reproduce them (in whole or in part) for commercial use or sale in any way. Also note that the watermarks do not appear on the downloaded tags.

I hope you like the tags and I hope you have a Happy Easter.

12 January 2015

Grungy Heart with Pip Berries

I finally (finally!) made it back it to the studio after over a month! I've been rather obsessed with working on my genealogy lately. But my creative spark got big enough to need to play in the studio yesterday, so that's what I did. I had bought a plain muslin heart at JoAnn's last week--it was $2.99 regularly but I think it was 40% off. I am not a fan of sewing unless I have to, so this was great. A blank canvas just waiting to be made primitive. I meant to take a Before photo but forgot, of course. Here's the finished product though.

Grungy Primitive Heart

To make the Primitive Heart grungy I actually used watered down acrylic paint. Normally I would use my Grungy Sauce made from instant coffee etc. But I was already in my studio and didn't plan ahead enough to do the grungy part ahead of time in the house. So I watered down some paint and brushed it on with a foam brush a little at a time, dabbing off excess as I went. Then when I liked the look I used my heat gun to dry and set the paint.

Next I scrounged up some Pip Berries to add. The button was already on the heart, so I just used that to attach the pip berry sprigs to. Then I grabbed some homespun and and tied on a bow. And that's all there was to making this cute grungy heart that is perfect for Valentine's Day, or any day really.

02 December 2014

Primitive Christmas Tree in a Jar

Since I'm always looking for new ways to use Mason Jars, I thought I'd try something for Christmas this year. So I found a miniature Christmas Tree and decided to put it in the jar. 

Prim Tree in a Jar

I added some mica flakes for snow and added some rusty tin bells and pip berries inside as well. Then I added some pip berries to the jar and finished it off with a rusty tin star. After I finished it I was thinking it would be neat if it was lit up, so I may have to try that another time. But I think it's still cute this way too.

18 November 2014

Primitive Mitten with Pip Berries Ornie

I was feeling a hint of the Christmas spirit sneaking into my studio over the weekend, so I decided to take advantage of it and make a couple of things. This one is a grungy Primitive Mitten with Pip Berries ornie.

Grungy Primitive Mitten Ornie

I used some dark spray to create a quick grungy effect to the mitten. Then I added some sprigs of Pip Berries. I had a grungy primitive candy cane sitting around in my studio, so I stuck that in the mitten too. And then I added a little star pick and some mini pinecones, and finished off the ornie with a homespun tie. 

I won't be decorating for Christmas until right after Thanksgiving, but it's fun to get in the spirit a little early, don't you think?

10 November 2014

Primitive Fall Decor

Well gang, I haven't been in the studio much recently, since I've been kind of obsessed with working on genealogy of late. I'm sure I'll get back in there at some point soon, but until I do I didn't want you to think I'd forgotten about you. ;) So I snapped a few pics of some of my Primitive Fall Decor to share with you.

This is a Primitive Sheep that I have sitting on my hutch. 
I didn't make it, mind you. It was a gift and I love it.
I put it out every Fall.

Primitive Sheep

This is a centerpiece I have on my dining table. 
Now I DID make this centerpiece myself, quite a few years ago.
It's not really primitive, so I occasionally some prim things around it.
Can you spot the little prim goody in there?

Fall Centerpiece

In case you can't quite see it...it's this cute little Primitive Mouse
sitting on a Primitive Pumpkin!

I don't decorate for Fall as much as I used to, but I do enjoy the few things I do put out around the house.  I have a feeling that once we move to the Farm (hopefully next year) I'll feel like decorating more. But for now I'm content with what I put out each year.  And the less I put out makes it easier to put away, especially with Christmas right around the corner--and I like to decorate right after Thanksgiving whenever possible!  How about you?