26 December 2010

Rusty Bucket Pip Berries

I really love the look of pip berries. They're so primitive looking, so I really like making things that utilize pip berries whenever I can. And if I can use a rusty bucket or can of some sort at the same time...well, even better.

For this project I took a simple, small rusty tin paint bucket, which I purchased from an online craft store. I added a piece of gingham homespun around the can first, and topped that with a rusty tin star shape. Then I put some floral foam down in the bottom of the bucket--enough to basically fill up the bottom of the bucket and support the pip berries. Then I added a couple of different pip berry sprays to fill the bucket, spreading them out to look more full. These sprays have burgundy and mustard pip berries, which are my favorite. One of the sprays had rusty star accents too, which helped tie in with the rusty star on the front of the bucket. And since I didn't want the green floral foam peeking out from the bucket, I finished this off by adding some Spanish moss over the floral foam, to disguise it.

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