07 January 2017

Grungy Primitive Muslin Bags

I am feeling a little nostalgic. I don't post much on the blog anymore because I re-focused my creative energy into to my art blog (Art Chick Studio). In doing more art, I just don't do as much crafting anymore...though I do still love primitive crafts. So I just thought that from time to time I might share some of my favorite primitive crafts with you.

For now, I'd love to share one of my absolute favorites: Grungy Primitive Muslin Bags. I have used these in a multitude of ways over the years. The following are some of my faves. I think the Flour and Sugar bags were the first grungy muslin bags that I created.

Primitive Grungy Flour Sugar Muslin Bags Set

Grungy Primitive Drieds and Herbs Muslin Bags

Grungy Primitive Candles in a Muslin Bag - Simplify

Grungy Primitive Pip Berries Heart Muslin Bag Tattered Sisters

In most of these I simply added stenciled words onto the bags. In the bottom one, with the heart, that was an iron-on I created from a graphic. Most of these are meant to be purely decorative--like the Sugar & Flour Set, and the Drieds & Herbs set. The candles in the bag can be used, and then the bag re-used for something else. 

But you can also use muslin bags to create other things--things you might not even recognize as muslin bags once you're finished. Like these Primitive Britches.

Grungy Primitive Britches - Tattered Sisters

Or how about this Primitive Grungy Bunny Bag?

Primitive Grungy Bunny Bag - Tattered Sisters

You can even make things that are maybe a little bit more Shabby than Prim. Like these two creations.

Shabby Primitive Grungy Muslin Bag - Tattered Sisters

Shabby Primitive Muslin Bag with Lace - Tattered Sisters

As you can see from these examples, I've had a lot of fun with muslin bags, grungy and otherwise. It's always a fun creative challenge to see what new ways I can come up with to use muslin bags in craft projects! 

What do YOU like to do with your muslin bags?