12 January 2015

Grungy Heart with Pip Berries

I finally (finally!) made it back it to the studio after over a month! I've been rather obsessed with working on my genealogy lately. But my creative spark got big enough to need to play in the studio yesterday, so that's what I did. I had bought a plain muslin heart at JoAnn's last week--it was $2.99 regularly but I think it was 40% off. I am not a fan of sewing unless I have to, so this was great. A blank canvas just waiting to be made primitive. I meant to take a Before photo but forgot, of course. Here's the finished product though.

Grungy Primitive Heart

To make the Primitive Heart grungy I actually used watered down acrylic paint. Normally I would use my Grungy Sauce made from instant coffee etc. But I was already in my studio and didn't plan ahead enough to do the grungy part ahead of time in the house. So I watered down some paint and brushed it on with a foam brush a little at a time, dabbing off excess as I went. Then when I liked the look I used my heat gun to dry and set the paint.

Next I scrounged up some Pip Berries to add. The button was already on the heart, so I just used that to attach the pip berry sprigs to. Then I grabbed some homespun and and tied on a bow. And that's all there was to making this cute grungy heart that is perfect for Valentine's Day, or any day really.

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