29 September 2014

Painted Bottles and Mason Jars

One day last week I saw a post on Facebook about some painted Mason Jars. I've seen painted bottles before, of course, but I really liked the look of the ones I saw last week. So imagine the serendipity of the moment when I was in Michael's over the weekend and happened upon some chalky finish paint by Americana Decor. It was perfect for using on bottles to give them that vintage and aged look. I especially loved the pale mint green color, so I bought a jar of it and decided to give it a go on a couple of things in the studio yesterday.

This first pic shows the paint I used and the painted Mason Jar that I did. I didn't add anything to this jar yet, other than the paint. But I LOVE the finish of the paint. Please note: the color in this photo is NOT accurate. It really is a very pale/pastel mint green color in real life, which I love. So you just have to kind of imagine it the way it should be.

Painted Mason Jar

Americana Decor also has some finishes you can purchase as well to use on top of the paint, but I just opted for the paint this time. I love the color and the chalky finish! I also painted a small milk bottle and added some pip berries and jute to it, to make it a bit more prim looking. Again--remember that this isn't blue, it just looks like it in the photo (I think they did have a blue paint option, but I liked the green more).

Painted Milk Bottle

I'm going to try this on something wood, I think, at some point. It would look great on a shelf or a picture frame or something like that. But I do love the look of the chalky finish on the glass, and these were fun to do.

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