18 August 2014

Mason Jar Ornie Gift Tag

This is another creation I made by painting an air freshener blank--just like the Faux Primitive Gingerbread Ornie I painted last week. It is shaped like a Mason Jar, which I thought was neat. These come in a plain buff color. So I just had fun painting it to look more like a real Mason jar.

Mason Jar Ornie Hang Tag

I left it kind of plain because after I finished it, I thought this could definitely be an ornie, but it could also be a fun hang tag for a gift too. There's plenty of space to write names on it. I just regular craft acrylics to create this--a soft blue color and some metallic silver. I am not sure what I'll end up doing with it really, but I love how it turned out and it was fun to paint.

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