11 August 2014

Faux Primitive Gingerbread Ornie

I was looking for some of my muslin bags over the weekend while I was working in my studio. When I finally found the box I was looking for and started digging through it, I found some air freshener blanks I had purchased several years ago (and from where, I cannot recall) inside the box. There were two different packages in there: one was a Mason Jar shape and the other was a Gingerbread shape. Yay! I love finding things in my studio that I forgot I even had. LOL.

Anyhoots, I decided to paint the Gingerbread shape so that he'd look like a Primitive Gingerbread man. And I just love how it turned out.

Primitive Gingerbread Ornie

What's cool about these air freshener blanks is that they are thick and they have texture to them, since of course they are actually made to hold scent. So after painting this one, it really has the look of actual gingerbread. I love it! I painted it brown first, then I grungy'd up the edges with some Distress Ink. And then I used black and white acrylic paint pens to add the embellishments, and I finished it off with a homespun tie. I could easily punch a hole through the top to hang it as an ornie. Or it could be a bowl filler, or sit on a shelf. Such a fun little prim ginger project. :)

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