07 April 2014

Rusty Tin Loaf Pan Mini

You know, sometimes when you want to give a Primitive Gift, but you aren't sure how to wrap it, it just takes a little scrounging to find the answer. Case in point, Primitive Melts. I had some melts and I wanted to give them as a gift. But how to wrap them? They are small and cute, but not very appealing just all by themselves. So I started scrounging through my stash o'goodies in my studio and found a mini Rusty Tin loaf pan. Perfection!

Rusty Tin Loaf Pan Gift
I just put my melts inside the loaf pan, and then wrapped some homespun around it. then I put it all in a clear cello bag and added some more homespun. I'm sure I've had these rusty tin pans sitting around for quite some time. I don't tend to throw goodies like that away--you never know when you might need them. So I'm glad I had them! Nothing says 'Primitive' like rusty tin and homespun! :)

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