03 March 2014

Canned Pears Primitive Wax Melts

You know, every time I start to do some digging or re-organizing in my house and/or studio, I always come across something that I've tucked away and forgotten about. Case in point: these Primitive Wax Melts that are pear-shaped and smell like creamy vanilla and pears.

Canned Pears Primitive Wax Melts

My, but do they smell heavenly! They have a light dusting of cinnamon on them too. And they're all tucked in a Mason Jar with rusty tin lid too. So cute. These are a leftover from when I used to sell prims, so they've been sitting here for awhile. But being in the jar must have helped because they still smell so good! This is a great way to give wax melts as a gift, that's why I loved selling them this way. :)

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