31 March 2014

Doodle Bunny Pattern

Since I have been so focused on painting and art journaling lately, I haven't really done very much primitive crafting. But I don't want you all to think I've forgotten about you! So for this last day of March I thought I'd create a quick little Primitive Pattern for you. It's a Doodle Bunny. Just a little doodle that would be perfect for some bowl fillers, or shelf sitters, or even as some ornies.

Just click on the image below and that will take you to the PDF download of my Doodle Bunny.

I hope you like it. I'm still pretty focused on doing my art in my studio, but I will try to find some goodies to share with you in April. Hope you have a Happy Easter!

10 March 2014

Speckled Eggs

I decided to have a little spatter and speckle fun in my studio yesterday. I had some egg-shaped gourds in a basket in my kitchen, so I thought it would be neat to get out my Grungy Sauce and make some Speckled Eggs!

Primitive Easter Speckled Eggs

 I just dipped an old toothbrush into my ever-ready Grungy Sauce and then pulled the bristles back to make the sauce spatter all over the "eggs." Then when they were dry I filled a rusty tin bucket with some Spanish moss and topped it off with the "eggs." A perfect little Primitive Easter table decoration.

03 March 2014

Canned Pears Primitive Wax Melts

You know, every time I start to do some digging or re-organizing in my house and/or studio, I always come across something that I've tucked away and forgotten about. Case in point: these Primitive Wax Melts that are pear-shaped and smell like creamy vanilla and pears.

Canned Pears Primitive Wax Melts

My, but do they smell heavenly! They have a light dusting of cinnamon on them too. And they're all tucked in a Mason Jar with rusty tin lid too. So cute. These are a leftover from when I used to sell prims, so they've been sitting here for awhile. But being in the jar must have helped because they still smell so good! This is a great way to give wax melts as a gift, that's why I loved selling them this way. :)