08 January 2014

Valentine Mason Jar Bowl Fillers

My head is sort of leaping ahead to Valentine's Day. I have some heart-themed goodies to share soon, but I wanted to share something also that doesn't involve hearts, but could still be a great Valentine's Day gift anyway.

You know I love Mason Jars, and I love coming up with new ways to create Primitive Gifts with them. So this time I've created some Valentine's Day Mason Jar Bowl Fillers. And while there are no hearts in this jar, the colors of the items inside are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Mason Jar Bowl Fillers

There are three layers of primitive bowl fillers in this jar. The first layer, on the bottom, is bleached cedar roses. I love these because they are so rustic looking--but also very pretty. Then the next layer has some burgundy-red colored, grungy-looking balls. I happened to have some in my studio and I loved the color so I poured some in. Then I added some 1" cinnamon sticks for a nice, warm color on top. I topped the jar with a rusty tin lid, added a homespun tie, and added a longer cinnamon stick on the jar for a final touch.

This is all ready for gift-giving, and all the recipient has to do is pour them in a bowl and enjoy them! The cinnamon sticks will give a nice little natural scent too, which is an added bonus. I didn't add any fragrance oil because of of the burgundy balls; the oil would likely either eat away the color or make them run, and that wouldn't be any fun. But these aren't really meant to be scented anyway--they are pretty just as they are, don't you think?

You can make so many gifts with Mason Jars--just layer in your favorite bowl fillers, or even vintage items (buttons, lace, spools, keys) and do them up with a heart-shaped tag or something, and there is just no end to the ways you could make a gift for someone.

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