31 January 2014

Primitive Grungy Chocolate Easter Bunny

I was poking around in my office the other day, which also is a hiding place for some of my primitive goodies, and I came across some plain Chocolate Easter Bunny wax melts that I had tucked away. They really did look like chocolate too. Well I decided to hand rub them with some cinnamon, because that's just how I roll.

Primitive Grungy Chocolate Easter Bunny Melts

You know how much I love Grungy Goods, so why not grungy up some "chocolate bunnies?" I think they look super cute. I doubt the cinnamon will stay on there forever, but I was just doing it for fun anyway. They still smell chocolatey too. :) I'm not gonna melt them. I'm just gonna put them out for Easter because they'd look cute sitting in a basket, don't you think? Amazing what I can find in this office of mine!

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