05 November 2013

With a Chick Chick Here

I'm not sure I've ever shared these before, and it may seem silly...but I have a few little chickens in my kitchen and I love them. 

Chickens Primitive Home Decor

Let me start by saying that no, I don't have a thing for chickens. :) I just noticed one day that I had several little chicken items, so I grouped them all together on a shelf in my kitchen. And that is now the kitchen chicken shelf! 

I have a clear glass chicken dish (left) that used to belong to my great grandmother, so that's a fun bit of Vintage Goods and a nice part of my family history too. Then there are several little chicken knick knacks in there, four or five, I believe, and also a chicken tin (back right). There are other little what-nots on that shelf too, but it is mostly the chickens. Seems fairly appropriate that the little chickens should reside in the kitchen. 

I love antique items, prims, and vintage goods in my home. I especially love them in the kitchen, so we have a lot in there. When we get to move out to our farm property in the next few years, I imagine we'll have even more. And if the Hubs has his way, we'll probably have some real chickens too. Lord, help me. ;)

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