01 September 2013

Pip Berries Teardrop Spray

I was digging around in the lower part of my hutch the other day looking for something, and I happened upon a great find...something I'd forgotten was even there. It was a couple of these Pip Berries Teardrop Sprays.

Pip Berries Home Decor
It's funny how you get stuff sometimes, then stick it away to use later, and naturally forget that you ever bought it. What is it they say..."out of sight out of mind?" So true, even more so the older I get. LOL. But I was so glad to find these Pip Berries. I love them. They can hang on the wall just as they are, or I can add stuff to them to make them even more primitive. And I love the colors, don't you? Perfect for any time of year!

But please don't ask me where I got them, because honestly I don't recall. I'm sure they've been in my hutch for at least 4-5 years! So glad I found them though.

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