18 September 2013

Mini Faux Caramel Apple

Well, it's that time of year again. You know, Primitive Fall. :) Leaves are starting to fall, mornings are cool, and sweater weather will soon be upon us. And all I can say is yay! I love Fall. And it's already inspiring lots of things I'm seeing on Pinterest and on other blogs.

One thing I've been seeing for the last year or two is faux caramel apples. I've been wanting to make one, but I was hunting all over for my plastic apples I had and couldn't find them. Very frustrating! All I could find was my mini plastic apples--the small ones I just use for little craft projects. But hey, I'm nothing if not improvisational. So I gave it a shot, and this Mini Faux Caramel Apple was the result.

Primitive Mini Faux Caramle Apple

OK, it's not perfect. I couldn't even find my crushed corn cob so that I could make it look like it has faux nuts on top. Urgh! I swear there are some fairies playing in my studio and moving my stuff! But anyhoots, it was an experiment, and at some point I'll be able to try it on some bigger apples. All I did was mix white glue with some caramel-colored acrylic craft paint. I drizzled it over the apple while it was setting on some wax paper, and then I let it dry. If I'd had the crushed corn cob I would have sprinkled some on while it was still wet. That would have made it much better (dang fairies!). Then I just grabbed a stick from outside and stuck it in my apple and added a homespun tie.

It's not too bad, right? Full sized ones would be so cute sitting around as Fall decor, or even as gifts, don't you think? If you do a Google Image search for "faux caramel apples" you will get some cool results to check out for inspiration.

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