16 September 2013

Grungy Ghost Pick

I was in a crafting mood over the weekend so I did several things in my studio yesterday. Some are for Tattered Sisters and some are for my art blog (Art Chick Studio). The first thing I made though was this Primitive Halloween Grungy Ghost pick.

Grungy Ghost Pick

I always have Muslin Bags on hand, because they are great for crafting, and for gifts and such. For this project, I had a muslin bag that was messed up (the result of a failed attempt at a previous project). It had some paint on part of it, but a good portion of the bag was still usable. So I cut off a corner section of the bag to make my ghost.

I got a little Styrofoam ball and wrapped the piece of the muslin bag over the ball, to form the head. I used the string tie from the bag to tie around the ghost's neck, securing it in place. Then I stuck a stick into the bottom of the Styrofoam ball so I could use the ghost as a pick. That would let me stick it anywhere I wanted to. I painted on the eyes and mouth with black acrylic paint, and then I distressed the fabric a bit with some brown (walnut stain color) Distress Ink. 

I happened to have a little rusty tin bucket close by, so I added some Spanish moss to it and stuck my grungy ghost in. Then I added a primitive crow just to keep him company. The ghost can be put anywhere--in some prim floral arrangement you already have or something else you might like. You don't even have to use a stick; leave it out and instead tie some thread through his head and hang your ghost somewhere.

This literally took me only minutes to make, and with materials I already had on hand. You could make a bunch of these and hang them or stick them all over for Halloween. Or you could even leave out the Styrofoam ball and use a sucker/lollipop instead to give as treats. You could easily do this with the kiddos too.

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