05 August 2013

Pumpkin Apple Rusty Tin Bucket

Well it's August, so naturally I'm think about Fall. LOL. I can't help myself. I love Fall, so when back-to-school time gets closer I really start thinking about a Primitive Fall and Fall crafts, and cooler weather, of course. So while I was in my studio over the weekend working on some paintings and such, I decided to create this Pumpkin Apple Rusty Tin Bucket decor.

Pumpkin Apple Rusty Tin Bucket Home Decor

I took a Rusty Tin bucket and added a homespun tie to it. Then I filled with some pumpkin-scented putka pods (mini pumpkins). I stuck in some long cinnamon sticks here and there, and then I added just a few craft apples too.

This would make a nice centerpiece on a table. It would make a nice gift too.