08 July 2013

Primitive Pumpkins

What is it about July that makes me start thinking about Fall? That's kind of weird, don't you think? LOL. But for some reason, once mid-summer is here my head goes to Primitive Pumpkins and everything Autumn. So I just thought I'd share some Primitive Fall inspiration, in case you're like me and thinking about cooler weather and falling leaves--while the air conditioning is still on.

Primitive Pumpkins Putka Pods

Putka Pods are perfect for Fall because they look just like miniature pumpkins. I love them because they are so easy to add scent to, since they are much more porous than rosehips. They hold the scent really well and a little fragrance oil goes a really long way with these little guys. There are also lots of ways to package putka pods: in a jar, in little pouches with creative labels, in a clear cello bag, or how about a burlap bag with a pumpkin image stamped onto it--or maybe with a vintage pumpkin seed label? I think the ideas are pretty much endless.

So there's some pumpkin and fall inspiration for you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled summer. :)

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