03 June 2013

Summr Citrus Simmering Spices

I decided I wanted to make a simple, quick gift for a friend who loves my Simmering Spices. So I decided to make one just for summer, and one that is just super easy and quick to make. So these are my Summer Citrus Simmering Spices.

Summer Citrus Simmering Spices

All I did was combine dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks to one of my Mason Jars. I mean, nothing says summer like oranges, and the cinnamon was just enough spice to make it a fun simmering scent. I topped it with a homespun tie and a rusty jar lid, and voila, ready for gift-giving!

You can make Simmering Spices with virtually any spice combination. Some lemon, obviously, would be perfect with this too. I didn't have any lemon, but I love the idea of orange and cinnamon, so I just went with it. :)

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