18 June 2013

Prim Fixins as Gifts

I do a lot of stuff with Prim Fixins. You know, adding scent and different combinations of fixins for various things. I think it's so easy to forget though that not everything has to be scented. And sometimes, some simple, unscented Prim Fixins make really cute Primitive Gifts.

Here are some examples of some great Prim Fixins--totally unscented and natural, that would be perfect for gift-giving, and even as Primitive Bowl Fillers all by themselves.

Prim Fixins Cedar Roses Bleached

Prim Fixins Cedar Roses Natural

Prim Fixins Lotus Pods
All you need is some of nature's beauty, found in things like Cedar Roses or Lotus Pods, or any other nice looking dried botanical. Fill up a clear cello bag, add a homespun tie, and you've got an instant gift. And of course you can mix and match all the botanical goodies for something really fun. :)

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