25 June 2013

Primitive Sheep Find

The Hubs and I celebrated our 29th anniversary over the weekend, and as we were on our way to Fort Wayne for an early dinner, we decided to hit a few garage sales along the way. I didn't find a whole lot of treasures, but I did manage something cute to add to my collection of Primitive Finds. It's this adorable Primitive Sheep!

Primitive Sheep Find

Isn't it cute? It appears to be handmade, although I could be wrong about that. But it's still cute either way. I don't always find cute prims when I'm garage-saling, so when I do I snatch them up if I like them. Of course, I prefer the handmades. But a bargain is hard to pass up at a garage sale, even if it's not handmade!

18 June 2013

Prim Fixins as Gifts

I do a lot of stuff with Prim Fixins. You know, adding scent and different combinations of fixins for various things. I think it's so easy to forget though that not everything has to be scented. And sometimes, some simple, unscented Prim Fixins make really cute Primitive Gifts.

Here are some examples of some great Prim Fixins--totally unscented and natural, that would be perfect for gift-giving, and even as Primitive Bowl Fillers all by themselves.

Prim Fixins Cedar Roses Bleached

Prim Fixins Cedar Roses Natural

Prim Fixins Lotus Pods
All you need is some of nature's beauty, found in things like Cedar Roses or Lotus Pods, or any other nice looking dried botanical. Fill up a clear cello bag, add a homespun tie, and you've got an instant gift. And of course you can mix and match all the botanical goodies for something really fun. :)

09 June 2013

Mini Crow Dough Ornies

I love Primitive Crows. And I also love things in mini sizes. So what better than to combine primitive crows and make them mini Dough Ornies?!

Mini Crow Dough Ornies

These are made with a silicone mold using my usual Primitive Dough Recipe, but with some powdered black tempera paint mixed in. That's a great way to make colored dough ornies, without having to paint them afterward. :)  Then I went ahead and sealed these in melted paraffin wax too.

08 June 2013

Bucket of Buns Wax Melts

I thought I'd share a cute idea that is perfect for Primitive Gifts. It's this cute little Bucket of Buns, full of cinnamon bun Primitive Wax Melts.

Cinnamon Buns Primitive Wax Melts

You just need a little mini bucket (I used galvanized, but you could use rusty tin too), some homespun for the tie, cinnamon bun wax melts, a tin star, a clear cello bag and some jute to tie the bag (though you could use homespun for that too). 

This is a great gift for anyone who likes wax melts, or even cinnamon buns. It smells heavenly when you open up that bag too.

03 June 2013

Summr Citrus Simmering Spices

I decided I wanted to make a simple, quick gift for a friend who loves my Simmering Spices. So I decided to make one just for summer, and one that is just super easy and quick to make. So these are my Summer Citrus Simmering Spices.

Summer Citrus Simmering Spices

All I did was combine dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks to one of my Mason Jars. I mean, nothing says summer like oranges, and the cinnamon was just enough spice to make it a fun simmering scent. I topped it with a homespun tie and a rusty jar lid, and voila, ready for gift-giving!

You can make Simmering Spices with virtually any spice combination. Some lemon, obviously, would be perfect with this too. I didn't have any lemon, but I love the idea of orange and cinnamon, so I just went with it. :)