02 April 2013

Primitive Scent Sacks

I'm always looking for ways to give fun Primitive Gifts and I think these Primitive Scent Sacks are sure to please anyone who loves to scent their home.

Primitive Scent Sack Gift

My Scent Sack is Cinnamon Bun themed and has several goodies inside. It contains the following items...

Cinnamon Bun Wax Melts
Cinnamon Bun Wax Melts

Prim Fixins Primitive Room Spray
Cinnamon Bun Primitive Room Spray

Prim Fixins Hips n Sticks
 Cinnamon Bun Hips 'n Sticks Prim Fixins

Primitive Refresher Oil

All you have to is just fill your sack with your favorite scented items. Punch a couple of holes on either side of the top of the bag and add a prim ribbon or some homespun. And add a cute label.

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