29 April 2013

Primitive Paddle Box Lamp

I don't really have a lot of Primitive Lighting in my home, but I do have this Primitive Paddle Box Lamp in my living room, sitting on the table by my couch. I really like it--but I didn't love it. It really didn't have enough color in it to suit me, so I decided to jazz it up a bit with more Pip Berries.

Primitive Paddle Box Lamp

Yep, that's just what it needed. :) OK, they probably aren't technically pip berries, but they are berries. And now I love it!

22 April 2013

Primitive Star Canvas

Over the weekend I created a deep red canvas in my studio that has a robin's egg glue distressed finish on it. I actually ended up using the canvas for another project too that I'll be posting on my Art Chick Studio blog, but this Primitive Star Canvas was the first thing I did with the canvas.

Primitive Tin Star Canvas

This is just a 5" square canvas that I painted with a deep, dark red color (which is fast becoming one of my favorite colors). It's "Napa Red" that I have darkened a bit too. Once it was dry I gave the edges a distressed look by dry brushing robin's egg blue along the edges. Then I took a Rusty Tin star and painted it the same blue, and then stuck it to the canvas to stick out in relief.

I think this is a really simply project for creating some cute Primitive Home Decor. Of course, you could use any colors you like (I'm just kind of loving the deep red and robin's egg blue combo right now), and put anything in the center that you like too. I just thought a star was perfectly prim and would add the right touch that I wanted.

15 April 2013

Primitive Crow Bird Bath Decor

I was in the mood for some Primitive Crows while I was in the studio over the weekend, and I was also trying to find a creative way to use a mini Terra Cotta pot I had in my studio too. So what I came up with was this mini Primitive Crow Bird Bath Decor.

Primitive Crow Bird Bath Decor

Primitive Crow Bird Bath Decor

In the top photo, you'll see that I stenciled on a little primitive crow into the "bowl" of the bird bath. I actually used acrylic paint for that. Then I just added the pot underneath, along with a candle ring of pip berries, which also has some Rusty Tin stars on it. And I added a little resin crow as a finishing touch.

I just wanted a simple little project that could serve as Primitive Home Decor. This is small enough to be used on a table top, as part of a centerpiece. It could also be used just as decor on a small shelf. You could put a votive in the top too, but if you burned it, the wax might be too much for the small "bowl." So maybe a tealight candle would be better. :)

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08 April 2013

Primitive Crow Scoop Nest

It was a very productive day in the studio yesterday. I got some paintings started and several craft projects done as well. And it was such a gorgeous day--with the sun shining so brightly in the studio windows. Loved it!

One of my weekend creations was the Primitive Crow Scoop Nest.

Primitive Crow Scoop Nest

I used a Rusty Tin scoop that I filled with Pip Berries and Spanish moss to make the nest. I added a Primitive Crow and a few cinnamon sticks to finish it off. Love it!

02 April 2013

Primitive Scent Sacks

I'm always looking for ways to give fun Primitive Gifts and I think these Primitive Scent Sacks are sure to please anyone who loves to scent their home.

Primitive Scent Sack Gift

My Scent Sack is Cinnamon Bun themed and has several goodies inside. It contains the following items...

Cinnamon Bun Wax Melts
Cinnamon Bun Wax Melts

Prim Fixins Primitive Room Spray
Cinnamon Bun Primitive Room Spray

Prim Fixins Hips n Sticks
 Cinnamon Bun Hips 'n Sticks Prim Fixins

Primitive Refresher Oil

All you have to is just fill your sack with your favorite scented items. Punch a couple of holes on either side of the top of the bag and add a prim ribbon or some homespun. And add a cute label.