07 December 2012

Vintage Photo Fabric Ornies

As I was decorating my Christmas tree after Thanksgiving, I pulled out some Vintage Photo Fabric Ornies that I had made 2 Christmases ago. I made two sets of them, one for me, and one as a special gift for my mother. Since my mother passed away this year, these vintage and almost Primitive Ornies are even more special to me. So I thought I'd share them with you. I used scraps of a vintage rose-look fabric and lace, along with some trim to make these. Very simply to make. And the photos were printed on ink jet fabric, which I bought at an office supply store.

Primitive Ornies with Vintage Photos

Primitive Ornies with Vintage Photos

The top ornie shows a photo of (from left to right) my great grandmother, my mother, and my Nana (my mom's mother). They were on a trip to New York City. And actually I found out on Mom's last visit last year that the Statue of Liberty was in the background when this photo was taken--it's just no longer visibile in the old photo.

In the bottom photo are my great grandmother and my  mother. They were very, very close, so this was a very special ornie to make for my Mom. She said she cried when she opened these. And here I sit crying as I type this. I miss Mom so much, and it's so difficult at Christmas time. Her tree was still up in January...she had gotten sick and passed away so suddenly, she didn't have a chance to take it down. Her set of these ornies were still hanging on the tree. I gave them to my sister so she would have a set too.

But enough tears! I am going to try and focus on the many wonderful memories I have of her and my whole family. And hopefully Mom can help me from Heaven to keep my happy Christmas face on. :) I have another ornie I made for my sister as well. I'll post that another day. In the meantime, I hope these give you a little creative inspiration.

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