26 November 2012

Primitive Christmas Ornies Sleigh

Believe it or not, I am not doing a Primitive Christmas tree this year. I've done that for about 5 years now and just wanted to do something different this year. I got a new tree too, since my old one was on its last legs, which definitely helped motivate my decision to shake things up a bit. But I love my Primitive Ornies so much, I just had to find some ways to still use them for Christmas. So I decided to take a small decorative sleigh I have and fill it with some primitive ornies!

Primitive Christmas Sleigh Decor

Look closely and you'll find a tree ornie, a primitive angel ornie, a snowman peeking thru, a gingerbread ornie, a penguin, a swan, a happy little raggedy, and even some prim candies. I think they're quite happy in their sleigh, enjoying the view out of my kitchen window. And even though they're not on my tree, I still get to enjoy the ornies too. :)

25 November 2012

Primitive Christmas Centerpiece

Forgive my absence...I've been busy decking the halls and attempting holiday cheer. It's the first Christmas without my mom. It would be so easy to flip the switch and wallow in my own sorrow, but Mom wouldn't want me to do that. So the holiday cheer switch is on (for now) and I'm getting this house Santa-fied like nobody's business!

First up, my Primitive Christmas Centerpiece. I always have the same basic centerpiece on my dining room table; I just change up how it looks from season to season, or holiday to holiday, as the case may be. I just finished up the Primitive Christmas look for this year.

Primitive Christmas Home Decor

There are some Christmas greens, poinsettias, fabric stars, white Pip Berries (which I actually found at JoAnn Fabrics the other day!), and one of my Prim Flickers flameless candles in the center. What do you think? I love how it turned out. It definitely makes the table and room look a bit more festive.

More to come!

12 November 2012

Gingerbread Wax Melts

Are you looking for a quick and easy hostess gift for someone this holiday season? Or maybe you want a quick project to do up for a craft show? If so, some Primitive Wax Melts are quick and easy and sure to please in either scenario.

Primitive Wax Melts

Gingerbread Wax Melts are perfect for gift-giving (or selling, as the case may be) this time of year. Just package up several of your favorite gingerbread wax melts in a clear bag, add a bag topper, and voila, you're done!

And to help you get started making some of these, I'm giving you a free Gingerbread Bag Topper image that you can use to make your own bag toppers. Don't you love Primitive Freebies? Just click on the image below to open it, then right-click and save it to your computer.

Gingerbread Bag Topper

Note: I've made this a fairly large image so that you can resize it to suit your needs. And you could use also use this as bag topper for Primitive Gingerbread Dough Ornies, or all sorts of things!

09 November 2012

Primitive Reindeer Love

I was checking out the EZ Craft Show Online Holiday & Gift Show yesterday and found some wonderful Primitive Christmas decor. I've only made one purchase (so far) but I love these Primitive Reindeer that I found from the Barefoot Horse Candles & Gifts booth.

Primitive Reindeer

Aren't they fabulous? I needed some new primitive Christmas decor for my home, so these will be perfect. And I love to buy handmade whenever I can. Be sure to check out the EZ Craft Show and look through all the booths. There are many handmade treasures to be found! Just click on the text link in the first paragraph and it will take you straight there. Go on, get shopping!