01 October 2012

Grungy Jar

I decided to try some of my grungy addiction out on a Mason Jar. I just wanted to see how it would look to use some of the textured spray paint I use so often on the jar. So I used some of the spray and got the Mason Jar good and grungy.

Grungy Mason Jar with Spray Paint
First thing to note is that the textured spray paint I used is NOT meant to be used on glass. 

It is an indoor/outdoor paint, but it doesn't say on the can that it can be used on glass. So I just figured I should err on the side of caution and not expect it to hold up...unless I primed it first. So I used an indoor/outdoor spray paint primer on the Mason Jar first, one that clearly states it can be used on glass. Krylon was my primer of choice. So I primed the jar first with a Ruddy Brown color, let it dry, then used my textured spray paint to grungy up the jar. It probably won't last forever, but I'm sure it'll last awhile.

I created a label for the jar with some of my favorite fall Primitive Pumpkin graphics and stuck that to the jar--I added Mod Podge to help it stick. Then I topped it off with a homespun tie. Obviously you can do this to candles in a jar, but you can do it to plain jars too. Put something fun inside--like scented putka pods (mini pumpkins) and use it as a hostess gift or what not. Put some candy corns inside, or some M & M's. It makes a perfect Primitive Gift!

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