25 September 2012

Gingerbread Men Dough Ornies

It feels like Fall, y'all, and I'm loving it. So what is something that goes great with Fall? Gingerbread! And who wouldn't love some Gingerbread Men Dough Ornies to help them decorate for the season?

Primitive Gingerbread Dough Ornies

Primitive Mini Gingerbread Dough Ornies

Bot of these sets of Dough Ornies were made with my Primitive Dough Recipe. They are just different sizes, the ones on the bottom being the mini gingerbread men. I seal them up with Gingerbread scented wax. Just keep in mind that the scent on dough ornies like this is not as strong as it is on a candle. With candles, the scent is all the way through the candle itself; with the ornies, there is really only scent on the surface. So it's not going to be strong and the scent won't last forever. But the cuteness will last a good, long time. 

Put some of these dough ornies in a basket, or in a clear cello bag with homespun tie and you have a great gift. Throw them in a bowl with some rosehips, or even add in some mini pumpkins (putka pods) and that would look great on a table. 

24 September 2012

Simmering Spices

I see my Ginger Citrus Simmering Spices show up on Pinterest a lot. So I wanted to share this alternative to those Prim Fixins. I actually made these Simmering Spices before I ever made the Ginger Citrus version, but I guess I thought I'd already posted them at that time.

Simmering Spices

These Simmering Spices are just as easy to put together as the Ginger Citrus. Just start with your favorite Mason Jar. The bottom layer is dried apples. That is followed by layers of cinnamon stick chunks, star anise, whole allspice, and cloves. Of course, you could use any combination of spiced you'd like. Then it's just a matter of adding a homespun bow and a nice lid (the lid I used is zinc). Perfect for gift-giving this fall, over the holidays, or even as a housewarming gift.

Note that all of my sources for this project are listed on the Primitive Crafting Supplies page, the link to which you can always find near the top of the blog (just under the header).

15 September 2012

Primitive Halloween Treat Bags

Time for another little Primitive Halloween goody to share. You might remember my Grungy Boo Bags that I created last Fall. This year I wanted something similar, but a little different. So I came up with these Primitive Halloween Treat Bags.

Primitive Halloween Treat Bags

These are just deeply tea stained Muslin Bags that I've stamped with a pumpkin design and the words, 'Happy Halloween.' Simple, but cute. I had actually made these before, just leaving the muslin bags plain white. But I wanted them to be very prim this time. These would be great for giving away some treats, but you could use these as Primitive Bowl Fillers too, or put them on a shelf with some other Halloween goodies.

There's no sewing involved here either. Sewing isn't my favorite thing...I do it only when I'm super inspired. And sewing a bunch of little bags is not my idea of fun at all! I buy all of my muslin bags ready-to-go. You can can find a link to my source of muslin bags on my Primitive Crafting Supplies page. Save your sewing for the fun projects!

12 September 2012

Witch Hat Pattern

Witch Hat
Since I couldn't provide you with my own pattern for the Primitive Witch Hat that I posted yesterday, I decided to go on a hunt for a free Primitive Patterns for witch hats. Well, it may or not be "primitive," but it is a free pattern and we all know you can you prim up just about anything! So here is a link to a free witch hat pattern that you can use to make your own Witch Hat. Just click on the link below.

(Note: the image above is not of the witch hat made from the free pattern. It's just a witch hat image I had in my stash.)
Happy BeWitching!
(Hope this works for you, Lenore!) :)

11 September 2012

Primitive Witch Hat

I really very seldom decorate for Halloween anymore...I like to keep things more Fall-themed so that I can keep my decorations up for a longer time. But sometimes I get an urge to make something for Halloween. And who can resist a Primitive Witch Hat? So I took the plunge and made one.

Primitive Witch Hat

This hat is made out of felt. I stiffened the felt with some spray starch and let it dry, then repeated. (You could probably use regular fabric stiffener for this, but I didn't have any, so I used starch). Then I formed my pieces and did a little bit of sewing to put it all together. I added a bit of fiberfill on the inside to help the hat keep its shape too. I don't have a pattern for this, folks. Sorry! I was just winging it as I went along, because sometimes you just have to fly by the seat of your broom! Once the basic hat was finished I added my embellishments...some flowers, some buttons, some ribbon here and there, and a little Rusty Tin star.

So I guess I will a wee bit of Primitive Halloween decor this year after all. :)

09 September 2012

Grungy Apples

OK, it's true. I will grungy up almost anything. If I can make something into Grungy Goods, I am only too happy to do it! Case in point: dried apples. Some of you might ask me, why would grungy up dried applies? Yet I would ask you, why not?

Grungy Apples

I grungy'd these up the way I grungy up pretty much all of my Grungy Goods. Dip them in melted, scented wax (apple pie or cinnamon or whatever you like), then dredge in your favorite spices, then dip in the wax again to seal them up. I used metal tongs to do these since they are so thin. 

These are great for Primitive Bowl Fillers and would look great combined with cinnamon sticks and even some putka pods this time of year. You could also string them up and use them as a garland. Or make ornies out of them for your Christmas tree.

03 September 2012

Fall Pip Berries in a Basket

Awhile back I created a basket for my guest bathroom filled with pip berries and rusty tin stars. I decided to redo that basket so that it would help me dress that bathroom for fall. The result is my Fall Pip Berries in a Basket.

Fall Pip Berries in a Basket
I love how this turned out. I added in some picks of fall-colored pip berries, and some that also have leaves and mini pumpkins too. The result is a warm and primitive mixture of burgundy, orange, yellow and green that is just perfect for this time of year...even though it still feels a bit like summer where I am. 

I love Fall and can't wait for the cool, crisp air and falling leaves, and pumpkins, and everything else that goes with this season.

Pumpkin Crow Primitive Hangtag

Wow, it's been awhile since I've done any Primitive Freebies, hasn't it? Well let's just rectify that, shall we?

Pumpkin Crow Primitive Hangtag

Once September arrives, I automatically start thinking Fall...even if Mother Nature is still thinking Summer. LOL So I created this Primitive Hangtag printable that speaks to me of crisp air, Autumn pumpkins, and even Primitive Crows! Just click on the image to make it appear full size, then right-click it and save it to your computer. Hopefully you can use this while you're creating some wonderful primitive crafts for the coming Fall season. Enjoy!