11 August 2012

Vintage Bottles

I love old vintage bottles. They are probably some of my favorite Vintage Goods in my home.

Vintage Bottles
Vintage bottles look primitive without having to do anything to them, and they tell a story about the past...even if we may not know what the story is. You can put them anywhere and they add a wonderful touch to your home. Add them in a group and you have a collection. Add them individually to someplace you need a little contrast in texture or height in your decor and the bottle will balance things out for you. 

Some people like to clean their bottles up and make them shiny, but to me that defeats the whole purpose of using vintage bottles. I want them to look old and grungy! I want them to have character. I want them to echo their story from the past, even if it's just a tiny, mysterious glimpse. Don't you?

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