16 August 2012

Shabby Prim Canvas

I promised you more goodies in my new Shabby Prim category, so I best live up to my word. :) This was project number two that I created last weekend, my Shabby Prim Canvas.

Shabby Prim Canvas

I created this basically the same way I created the Shabby Prim Bag. I used a little bit of spray adhesive on the back of a paper doily, then I positioned it where I wanted it on the canvas. Next I sprayed on a coat of my brown textured spray paint (on the top and sides), let it dry, then sprayed it again. Then I removed the the doily. I LOVE how this looked right at that moment, but then I decided to add a little brown satin bow to it too, for just a little extra touch. 

So this has that rustic, grungy primitive look, with a touch of shabby chic too. It's a 6" canvas, so it could go in so many places. But I haven't made up my mind as to its final destination yet. I do love how it turned out though!

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