28 June 2012

Primitive Flowers in Burlap

Burlap is really all the rage these days, and it's such a great material to work with. It can be used any time you want a primitive, country, or rustic touch somewhere in your home. You can even use it to whip up a quick and easy display of Primitive Flowers and Pip Berries.

You can take a small pot of flowers and prim it up like this, which makes it the perfect Primitive Gift too. Just cut some burlap into a circle (or a square--it doesn't matter much) that's a bit bigger than the size of the pot. You can grungy up the burlap with some coffee stain or even just brown ink, if you like. Use a Primitive Crow stencil and some black stencil cream to stencil on your crow. You can use any kind of stencil design you like--it's up to you. I just like crows! 

Once that's dry, put your pot in the center of the burlap and pull up the sides around the pot. Tie it with some jute or some grungy string. Add a primitive or antique-looking key for fun. The just pop in some sprigs of pip berries here and there for a fun prim touch.