04 May 2012

Vintage Cookie Cutters in a Vintage Jar

I love Vintage Goods, especially if they have been passed down through the family. One of my favorite vintage treasures is this Vintage Jar full of Vintage Cookie Cutters that belonged to my grandmother and my husband's grandmother.

Vintage Cookie Cutters in Vintage Jar
I've used many of these to make Christmas cookies with my daughter and my grandson. And my two-year-old granddaughter will be making use of them with me as well one of these days. There's just something warm and wonderful about having a little bit of family history sitting here in my kitchen, and in knowing that our hands have made cookies with the same cutters that their hands used as well. You just can't put a price tag on stuff like that. And the cutters look so nice sitting in that vintage jar too. Gotta love it!

03 May 2012

Primitive Crow Altered Envelope

I created some Primitive Crow Altered Art Envelopes in the past but I don't think I ever posted them here. I was thinking about doing some of these as gifts for a few friends, so thought I'd share them.

Primitive Crow Altered Envelope

 I just took plain brown Kraft envelopes and first stamped them with a text stamp using a golden-colored ink. Then I stamped on my Primitive Crows in black ink. Next I stenciled on my 'Simplify' text, and then I finished them off by gluing on a Rusty Tin star.

I will put some other handmade goodies inside...a hang tag or two, a magnet, and a little card. Whatever I can dream up in the studio!