19 April 2012

Primitive Cat Pattern

Those you who have followed me for awhile know that sewing isn't my favorite thing. It's not something I do often because I'm just not the greatest at it. And when I do sew it has to be something simple. But you all may also know that I'm not just a crafter, but also an artist (and a licensed art educator!) who likes to draw, among other things. So I decided to draw a little Primitive Cat, and I also decided it would make a great easy Primitive Pattern too. Mind you, I haven't sewn it yet. LOL But I will at some point. That isn't gonna stop me from sharing it with you though!

This is what the Primitive Cat Pattern looks like:

Primitive Cat Pattern Photo

And you can download it for FREE by clicking on the link below.

This pattern has two options for the tail, so you can choose if your cat should have its tail up or curled down in front of him (or her). Just cut it out whichever way you'd like your cat to be. The pattern is in PDF format so it will print full size for you.

It should go without saying that this is my original creation and should not be claimed as your own or sold for profit. If you want to share it, please do so by posting a link to this pattern directly from your website or blog etc. That includes pinning on Pinterest--there's a Pin It link at the bottom right of this post, so please use it if you'd like to share it that way.

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