11 February 2012

Primitive Doll n Berries Basket

I have a lot of Primitive Home Decor that I change around from time to time. Sometimes I change it with the seasons, sometimes I change some little thing just because I need a change. My Primitive Doll n Berries Basket is a good example of that.

Primitive Doll n Berries Basket

This basket sits on the table near my couch. It's always filled with Pip Berries, but I like to vary what other little goodies are in the basket from time to time. Right now, there's an adorable, handmade Primitive Doll in the basket with the Pip Berries. She was part of an ornie swap I was in a few years ago. I just loved her so much I wanted to keep her around the house, wherever I could find a spot. So she kind of travels around my home, finding new places to "live" now and again.

Part of living in tight financial times is cutting back on unnecessary purchases, and a lot of times home decor is just not necessary. So if I don't feel like making something, and if I can't afford to buy anything, moving things around in my home that I already have on hand is the best way to get a new look, without spending any money. I'm nothing if not cheap frugal!

I love my little Primitive Doll though. She is always smiling, she never asks for the remote control, and she brightens up my living room...without costing me a dime.

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