22 January 2012

Primitive Snowman

I went into my studio on Friday for a bit and got creative. This Primitive Snowman is one of the things I had fun creating. I love working with Primitive Snowmen because you can decorate with them all winter long.

Primitive Snowman

I made this using three Styrofoam balls of different sizes, which I coated with Snow-Tex, let dry, and then put together using toothpicks to attach each one to the other. I added stems of Pip Berries for the arms and some homespun for a scarf. I also added a Rusty Tin star, a craft carrot nose and I painted on some eyes. The hat is made from a baby sock. And I added some mica flakes to the hat and snowman to give it a little bit of a shimmer. I could have grungy'd him up a bit too, but once I got him to this point I just liked him as-is. So I decided he would stay pure white.

On a side note, in case you're wondering, I don't  know where I got the craft carrot nose. I bought it online several years ago after doing a Google search. So if you're wanting to know where to get them just Google for "snowman craft nose" or "craft carrot nose" and you should get plenty of results.

16 January 2012

Primitive Hearts Dough Ornies

I'm still thinking hearts with Valentines Day on the way. So thought I'd share some of my Primitive Hearts Dough Ornies with you.

Primitive Hearts Dough Ornies

These Dough Ornies are made with my usual Primitive Dough Recipe. But guess what? They are not painted. I don't particularly like painting lots of little dough ornies. That just isn't my idea of fun at all! So instead of painting, I use Powdered Tempera Paint added into the dough when I'm mixing it. I just add a little at a time until I get the color I want. Then I roll out my dough and cut out the hearts with a cookie cutter, and then bake. I usually seal mine with wax, but you could use a clear acrylic spray instead if you wanted to.

Powdered tempera can be found at most art supply stores. But you can also find it online all over the Web. Just do a Google Shopping search for "powdered tempera paint" and you'll get lots of results. And a little goes a long way so you shouldn't have to buy this too often. One little tip though: powdered tempera can make a mess of your hands, so if you want to avoid that, wear gloves while you're mixing your dough!

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13 January 2012

Hearts and Stars Dough Ornies

Time for some dough ornies. And with Valentines Day just around the corner, I guess I've been thinking about hearts. So here are some cute Primitive Bowl Fillers, some of my favorite Dough Ornies to make, that are hearts and stars with buttons on them.

Primitive Hearts and Stars Dough Ornies

These are made with a silicone candle mold and my Primitive Dough Recipe. They are about 3" long or so and just thick enough to not be super fragile. And they're sealed with wax, of course, which is why they're shiny. I love Primitive Hearts and stars, don't you? And I think the buttons just another nice touch of prim.

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12 January 2012

Primitive Bath Tea

I wanted to share another Primitive Bath and Body gift you can make. Had planned to post more of these before Christmas but got rather sidetracked with all the holiday hubbub. So I apologize for that. But this is an easy bath item to make and perfect for Primitive Gifts for any time of year. It's my Primitive Bath Tea.

Primitive Bath Tea

So here is what you need for this Primitive Recipe:
  • Kraft Tin Tie Bags
  • Large Heat Sealable teabags 4 x 5.5"
  • Dried Rose Petals
  • Dried Lavender
  • Dried Chamomile
  • Labels and Jute (or homespun) for the bag
First let me say that all of my resources for these supplies are now listed on my Primitive Crafting Supplies page. And there is no set amount of each dried ingredient for this Bath Tea. I just mix equal parts of each, enough to fit in the teabag. Then I seal the bag with a hot iron, which only takes a couple of seconds. I generally put 3 or 4 in the Kraft Tin Tie bag, however many will fit (just depends on how fat I've made the teabags). Then I punch two holes in the top of the closed Kraft bag and tie some jute or homespun through it and add a label on the front. I also put a smaller label on the back. I put the ingredients on there--and this is a MUST if you plan to sell them because it's Federal Law to list the ingredients in order of quantity, from highest to lowest. And I'll add directions, which is basically just to add one or two bags to hot bath water and let "steep" for several minutes before getting in.

You can vary your ingredients according to your liking, but these are just my favorites to use. And of course you could be very creative with the labels if you like, or even the packaging. Have fun with it!

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11 January 2012

Primitive Crafting Supplies

Since I get a lot of emails and comments with questions about where I get this supply or that supply, I decided to create a page where I can list all of my favorite resources for Primitive Crafting Supplies.

Prim Crafter graphic

Please click on the link below to find all of my favorite resources for...

There is a permanent link to this page in the menu at the top part of the blog, directly under the header graphic. So any time you are wondering where I shop for my crafting supplies, just click up there and you'll always have some good go-to spots for finding yours. I have shopped at many of these sites for years, and I wouldn't recommend them otherwise.

Happy Crafting!
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08 January 2012

Uses for Rusty Bed Springs

Have you ever come across Rusty Bed Springs and wondered what to do with them? They are great Primitive Finds and perfect for creating all sorts of Primitive Home Decor and other primitive craft projects. I've been scoping out primitive blogs and websites today in search of inspiration to share with you, just in case these fabulous rusty Vintage Goods find their way into your craft room.

Below you'll find several photos with great ideas for how you can use Rusty Bed Springs. By clicking on each image, you'll be taken to the website or blog where I found the image. 

Rusty Bed Springs Table Settings
Rusty Bed Spring Flameless Candle
Rusty Bed Spring Bunny
Rusty Bed Spring Tulips
Rusty Bed Springs Hanging Lights
Rusty Bed Springs Votive Holders
Now how is that for some awesome inspiration?! Hope you'll check out those ladies' websites/blogs...who knows what other inspiration might await you there.

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