19 December 2011

Primitive Reindeer

Time for sharing another little bit of my Primitive Christmas home decor. This time it's my Primitive Reindeer. Now these are not handmade; I got them while shopping at a prim store I used to go to in Fort Wayne before it closed. But even though I know they are mass produced little guys, I just loved the look of them and had to have them. They are fun Primitive Finds.

Primitive Reindeer

Now really, aren't they just too cute? They have little sticks for legs and they're kind of prim and grungy-looking. I so prefer handmades, but sometimes I see something like this and fall in love. And I keep thinking I'll use them as a pattern/guide to make my own one of these days. I'm so not good with sewing, but it'd be worth a try! Either that or maybe one day I'll come across some that are handmade by someone else and buy those instead.

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