17 October 2011

Fall Fixins

I love Prim Fixins, as so many of us do. I always have some sitting around in a bowl or a jar somewhere this time of year, especially if they are filled with all the colors of Fall. So I thought I'd just show you a little packaging idea for giving some Fall Fixins as a gift (or even to sell).

Fall Fixins
You can use any Fixins you like, of course. But in the photo I've just used rosehips, cinnamon sticks, and putka pods, scented in Pumpkin Pie scent. I've also thrown in some dried orange slices for an extra pop of color. They always look so nice in a bowl with the fixins. Of course, you could add Dough Ornies if you like to add another prim touch. Then I just put it all in a clear cello bag and tied it with some raffia. You could use the tried and true primitive standby, homespun, because that always looks cute and prim. I also always put a tag on the back with a little caution notice about the fragrance oil, since it really isn't meant to be in contact with painted or finished surfaces.

You could also put these in a jar, like I did the Primitive Putkas in a Jar. That always makes for a great presentation. No matter what you do with your fixins, they are a great touch for your  Primitive Fall decor.

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