22 September 2011

Grungy Primitive Pumpkin Ornie

OK, so I guess I really must have pumpkins on the brain! But hey, it's Fall, right? If it were February, then I would be worried about this old brain of mine. I decided to make this Grungy Primitive Pumpkin Ornie out of felt. 

Grungy Primitive Pumpkin Ornie

I drew a pumpkin shape and traced it onto cardstock to create my Primitive Pumpkin pattern. I used that to cut two pieces of felt into my pumpkin shape. Then I sprayed my felt shapes with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, in Coffee Shop color. It's a great, quick way to add a grungy effect if I don't feel like messing with my usual Grungy Sauce mixture. And it's great for small projects like this one, which is only about 3-3/4" long. You know how much I love Grungy Goods by now, so making stuff grungy is always fun for me. And it's perfectly primitive too!

After drying the felt it was time to add the face. I used buttons for the eyes, and a scrap of gingham homespun for the nose. Then I just sewed on a crooked little smile. To the back half of the pumpkin shape I sewed on a piece of cinnamon stick to be the stem. Next I started sewing the pumpkin body together, until I got 3/4 of the way done. And then I stuffed the body with fiberfill and sewed it closed.

Another cute and fun project to add to my collection of Primitive Ornies.

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