01 August 2011

Rusty Tin Bucket Pin Cushion

Not quite sure why I have sewing on the brain lately, especially since I don't sew that much. But I created this cute little country and primitive Rusty Tin Bucket Pin Cushion the other day that I wanted to share.

Rusty Tin Bucket Pin Cushion

I just used a mini Rusty Tin bucket, along with a rusty tin star, a stem of burgundy Pip Berries, some homespun, one half of a 2" Styrofoam ball, and a circular piece of cardboard cut to the same size as the bottom of the foam ball. I also used some masking tape and hot glue.

I cut the foam ball in half and covered it with some homespun, enough to have edges I could tuck over onto the flat bottom. I taped those edges down with masking tape. Then I added another piece of homespun to the cardboard circle and taped those edges down as well. Next I hot glued the covered ball and covered cardboard together, taped edges to taped edges.

Next up I added a strip of homespun around the rusty tin bucket and then added the stem of pip berries. I topped that off with the rusty tin star, which I hot glued in place. The fabric-covered foam just sits inside the top of the rusty tin bucket. It lifts off and you can store some extra pins or other sewing notions inside.

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