25 August 2011

Grungy Boo Bag

Now I don't tend to do a lot of Primitive Halloween crafting. I much prefer Primitive Fall crafting instead. But I was creating some other bags to post on my Art Chick Studio blog and came up with this to post here for my prim sisters. It's my Grungy Boo Bag.

Grungy Boo Bag

By now you know how much I love to create Grungy Goods, so any time I come up with something to add to my collection of grungy ideas, I'm a happy camper. I used my Grungy Sauce Mix recipe that I posted in my Grungy Hang Tag Tutorial to grungy up a plain muslin bag. Then I just used black ink to stamp a spider image and lettering on the bag, to spell out BOO!

These would be perfect as little treat bags; fill them with candy corn or any kind of sweet treat. They would also be great as bowl fillers or hanging off of a peg rack, or sitting on a shelf. And of course you could stamp them with all sorts of designs and saying, and you could dye the bags different colors. There are lots of possibilities!

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