18 July 2011

Primitive Crow Mason Jar

I just love using Mason Jars in crafting. So if I can find something new to do with one, then I do it. My latest creation combines my love of Mason Jars with my love of Primitive Crows. It's a Primitive Crow Mason Jar.

Primitive Crow Mason Jar

To make this I started with a simple square Mason Jar. I shredded up some tissue paper that has a vintage newsprint pattern on it and I put that in the bottom of the jar. Next I added a few stems of Pip Berries and a handful of berry-like bowl fillers I had on hand. Then I added a primitive crow; it's one I bought a few years ago at a craft store somewhere in the fall. I added a zinc lid to the jar that I topped with a homespun ribbon, and I finished it off with a wooden button.

So now this cute little jar is new Primitive Home Decor that has found a home in my kitchen. :)

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