19 March 2011

Primitive Spring Birdhouse

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of the season of spring is birds. I love when I start to see birds outside again this time of year. I think they must be more excited about it than people are who are itching with spring fever! So with birds and spring in mind, I created this country primitive spring birdhouse. 

Primitive Spring Birdhouse

I bought a plain wooden birdhouse from a craft store and sanded it smooth so it would accept paint well. Then I painted the main part of the birdhouse a nice, deep, woodsy green color. And I painted the roof a complimentary burgundy color. Then I took sandpaper and distressed the edges of the wood just a bit, to give it a bit more of a primitive look. Next, I got a bit creative and painted on a topiary on either side of the front of the birdhouse; I also painted on some greenery to look like grass and such at the bottom. Just wanted a little touch of color and whimsy there. And then I finished it off by gluing on some rusty tin stars around each opening in the front, to look like little primitive shutters.

This birdhouse is meant for indoor use, but if I were going to put it outside, I'd probably seal with some clear acrylic spray. I use that for sealing lots of art projects and crafts. It's available wherever spray paint is in your local hardware stores. But since this sits inside the house, no real need for it to be sealed. Love how it turned out though.

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