15 March 2011

Primitive Room Spray Recipe

I used to sell Primitive Room Spray on my website, Pip Berry Place. There are lots of different recipes for  primitive room sprays, but I thought I'd share with you the primitive room spray recipe that I used to make mine. This recipe is easy, but uses ingredients you  need to purchase from various online sources. You can do a Google search for "room spray base" or "air freshener spray base" and you should get good results for where to purchase it. But I will note my sources below. There are also lots of recipes you can find on Google if you just enter "primitive room spray" as your search terms. Many of the recipes often are made from ingredients you have on hand at home. But I preferred the purchased ingredients.


8 oz Room Spray Base  (RusticEscentuals.com)
1 TSP Fragrance Oil      (Bittercreek.com)

Add 8oz of the room spray base to your desired bottle. Add in the fragrance oil. Shake well.

I always included a note on my label, which stated that this spray was not intended for use on skin, finished wood, or painted surfaces. It is designed as a room spray only. But I did have many customers who would use it to refresh the scented rosehips in their prim fixins, which is totally fine. It's just not meant to be sprayed on furniture, the body, etc.

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