22 March 2011

Primitive Refresher Oil Recipe

As I promised when I posted my Primitive Room Spray Recipe, I want to share with you my recipe for Primitive Refresher Oil.

Primitive Refresher Oil
Now I'll tell you right off the bat that many people bottle up straight fragrance oil as their refresher oil, and you can definitely do that if you like. But for me, with the cost of fragrance oils what they are, that's just not a very economical way to go (especially if you're selling your refresher oil!). So I always use a refresher oil base with fragrance oil added to it. The standard ratio is usually:

Desired Ounces Refresher Oil + 2% Fragrance

But that was a bit too much thinking for me when I first started making refresher oils, so I figured out some more accurate measurements and this is what I use all the time.

5 Ounces Refresher Oil Base (RusticEscentuals.com)
1 Ounce Fragrance Oil

This will make 6 - 1 ounce bottles, because I always use 1 ounce Boston amber round bottles for my refresher oils, with glass droppers. If you want to make just a single 1 ounce bottle, that's a bit trickier, and I gave up trying to figure it out. ;) So I just kind of guestimated and used 1 ounce of the base with 5-7 drops of fragrance oil. Some oils are stronger than others, so you can play with it a bit. It doesn't have to be exact.

I'll tell you some sources I use for my bottles, but with one caveat: always take into consideration the total cost of the bottles including shipping when determining the best price of any bottles your purchase. Shipping varies greatly from one supplier to another, one state to another. So even though one store might have the actual bottles for a cheaper price, it can come out to be more expensive once shipping is figured in. You have to shop around to get the best deal, and the "best deal" is going to vary for everyone. That being said, I get my bottles from either SunburstBottle.com or SpecialtyBottle.com.

You can use the refresher oil to freshen up your Prim Fixins and even corn cob sachets, which I also used to sell. I'll probably post a recipe/tutorial for those at some point also.I sure you enjoy this and all of my Primitive Recipes!

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