12 March 2011

Primitive Grungy Wooden Eggs

With spring just around the corner, it's only natural to start creating craft projects with a spring-theme. Flowers, birds, bunnies, eggs...all wonderful sings of my favorite season. So the first spring project I'll share with you here at Tattered Sisters is my Primitive Grungy Wooden Eggs.

I made these the same way I make most of my Grungy Goods. I start with some plain wooden eggs, about 1-1/2" long and my basic grungy tools and ingredients: Presto Pot for melting wax, paraffin wax, Cinnamon Bun scented fragrance oil, metal tongs, and ground cinnamon. 

I start by  melting the wax, and then I add the fragrance oil. Then I roll an egg into the melted wax to coat and then quickly roll it through my ground cinnamon and set it aside. I do all my eggs like this before moving to the sealing stage. Once all the eggs have been dipped and rolled in cinnamon, I then use the tongs to dip half of each egg quickly in the wax and let it drip dry, then I repeat on the other side. Dunking the whole coated egg in the wax can cause too much cinnamon to come off, in my experience. So I find that doing one half at a time is best. Then I just repeat this process until I finish all my eggs. 

These really are great for your primitive spring decor. Here are some ideas for how to use them:
  • Put some in a craft nest.
  • Add some dried Spanish moss to the bottom of a mason jar and put some eggs on top. 
  • Use them as primitive bowl fillers alone, or with your favorite prim fixins.
  • Add some around a candle in a rusty candle pan.

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