21 February 2011

Primitive Crows in a Can

I love primitive crows, and I also love wax melts. I also love giving wax melts as gifts. So here's a way you can give some primitive crow wax melts as gifts. Give them Primitive Crows in a Can!

Primitive Crows in a Can
I used a rusty tin paint can that I already had in my studio for this. It wasn't an actual paint can that got rusty though. ;) I bought it somewhere online and just thought it was so cute. I added a burgundy gingham homespun strip around the middle of the can and topped that with a rusty tin star. Let's face it, don't lots of things look more prim with a rusty tin star on them? Then I just added some scented wax melts that look like primitive crows inside the can.

Super easy, and super cute. Any primitive crow lover would surely love these!

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