05 February 2011

Grungy Primitive Tapers

Getting things grungy is a fun way to add a rustic and primitive touch to your home. Of course, I'm rather addicted to Grungy Goods too. I'll grungy up almost anything! One thing I always have on hand is taper candles, and I always have fun grungying up those and making them look like primitive candles.

I grungy these up the same way I do any of my wooden items. I simply melt my paraffin wax in my Presto Pot. Then I add my fragrance oil--Cinnamon Buns is almost always my scent of choice. Then what I do is take a long craft needle and poke it into the candle so I don't have to hold it with my fingers (hot wax on my fingers is not my idea of fun, LOL). I dip it and roll it around in the wax, then quickly roll it around in my ground spices. I will usually use a mixture if ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg and ground cloves, or some combination of those. Once it's set for a bit, then I'll take my needle and dip on side in the wax to seal, then flip it over and do the other side. I find that if I try to seal the whole thing at once, I lose too many spices. So I just do one side at a time and that works best for me. 

These look great in a country or primitive sconce or in a tabletop taper holder. But you can also have some fun with these, especially if you're wanting to give them away as gifts. Here's an idea for you...

You just need a grungy muslin bag, your grungy'd primitive candles, a bit of homespun fabric, some pip berry stems, and some drieds (I use Spanish moss). I also use a stencil that says Simplify, with brown or black stencil cream. I stencil the grungy bag first. Then I put the candles in and tuck in some of the drieds and the pip berry stems. Next I tie a short length of homespun around the top of the bag to hold the tapers, pip berries, and drieds in place. And that's it! This can sit on a shelf, or even hang from a peg rack, and again, it does make a great gift.

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