14 February 2011

Cinnamon Buns Dough Ornies

Cinnamon Buns Dough Ornies are always my favorite ornies to make. They were very popular in my store when I sold them (my best sellers, actually) and they just look so real.

Cinnamon Buns Dough Ornies
To make these, I use the same Primitive Dough Recipe I've posted before. And I use 2 different methods of making the little Cinnamon Buns, depending upon how many I need to make. If I only need to make a small amount, I will hand-roll my cinnamon buns. I take a small amount of dough, around the size of a quarter or so, and I roll it out into a long "worm" shape. Then I just starting rolling it around in a circle motion until it forms a cinnamon bun.

But if I'm going to make a whole bunch of these, I don't generally have the time, or the patience, to hand-roll that many cinnamon buns. So when that's the case, I use a silicone mold. It makes the whole process go much more quickly and makes it seem less like a chore when there is a large quantity involved.

To finish these, I seal them in cinnamon bun scented wax, which I melt in my Presto Pot. I just stick a needled in the bottom center of the dough ornie, dip it in the wax, let it drip for a few seconds and then place it on waxed paper to cool. Now these can be iced or left plain, but to me, they look best iced. And I make quick work of that process by purchasing ready-made wax "icing" from Rose's Candles. I just drizzle it over my finished cinnamon buns.

These are great primitive bowl fillers. I always have some sitting somewhere in my house. And of course, they are perfect to give as gifts too. You can make a bunch of small ones, or even really large ones and give those individually. Just remind the recipients that they aren't edible...because they really do look real!

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