19 December 2010

Primitive Snowball Face Ornie

This is another fun primitive snowman ornie that I created for a swap. I had never made ornies quite like this before, so I was learning as I made them. But I think they are so adorable. They could even be grungy'd up really well to be even more primitive, but I liked how they looked once they were finished, so I didn't want to mess with them anymore after that.

I started this with a simple Styrofoam ball, about 3" in diameter...but you could use any size you like. Then I used a product called Snow-Tex, which is made my DecoArt.

I took some heavy craft wire and poked it through the bottom of the Styrofoam ball so that I could hold it without touching the ball. Then I slathered the Snow Tex all over the Styrofoam ball until it looked very much like a wet snowball. When I finished that I stuck the other end of the craft wire into a hunk of floral foam so that the ball could dry completely.

While the snowball was drying I worked on creating the hats for the primitive snowmen. I used baby socks for that, cutting the end off (the toe-end) the socks. Then I stitched together the cut end, and took scissors and created slits all the way around the open ends, which created the curly-look on the ends of the hat.

Once the snowballs were dry, I painted on the primitive snowman's face. I also used some tacky glue on the end of a resin craft carrot nose and stuck that in the middle of the face. When the face was dry I sprayed some adhesive on the hat and sprinkled on some mica flakes to look like snow. Then I finished off the hat with a hook and a rusty bell, for that perfect primitive touch.

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  1. Tina, you have some cute ideas. That snowman is ADORABLE!!!

  2. well how easy is that ! I think I have some snow tex LOL

  3. I love that Snow Tex stuff, Helen. Easy to work with and lots of possibilities. :)


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