27 December 2010

Rusty Star Pocket of Pip Berries

Another great way to use Pip Berries in your decor is by using wall pockets. There are lots of different types of wall pockets, but rusty tin stars are one of favorite styles. Here is a very simple and easy to make project for your home.

I got the plain rusty tin star wall pocket at an online craft store (can't remember which one off the top of my head). I added some green floral craft foam that I cut into chunks small enough to fit inside the pocket, in order to have something to stick the pip berries in. Once the foam was in, I took one burgundy and mustard pip berry spray and cut it into individual stem pieces. I poked each of them into the floral foam, bending them and arranging them as I went. Once I was happy with the pip berries, then I just took some Spanish moss and tucked it in around the pip berry stems--it gives them some stability, hides the floral foam, and just adds another rustic accent to the arrangement. These are great to hang on a wall, or even just setting on a shelf.
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